Patrick Gower

LGNZ Paddy Gower


Paddy Gower is a New Zealand journalist and is widely regarded as one of the best communicators in the business, with an irrepressible personality.

Paddy is currently Newshub’s National Correspondent, where he concentrates on breaking and covering stories of national significance, or in his words “getting out and about with real Kiwis doing stories about real issues.”

In 2019, Paddy produced an emotional and informative two-part documentary Patrick Gower: On Weed in order to educate Aotearoa on the issue of legalising marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Paddy has been a journalist for 20 years, starting as the night shift reporter at the New Zealand Herald. He has unique insight into how the government works and New Zealand’s place in the world.

Previously the Newshub Political Editor, he spent ten years in the Parliamentary Press Gallery covering four different Prime Ministers and three different Governments.

He has moderated the Newshub leader’s debate between Jacinda Ardern and Sir Bill English, questioned Donald Trump multiple times during the US Election and has covered stories in places as varied as Afghanistan, Iraq and Kiribati.