Glen Cornelius

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Glen has been involvement with Habitat for Humanity New Zealand for over seven years in governance roles and has been the Chair for the last three years. Habitat for Humanity is a leading community housing provider with a vision that everyone deserves a decent place to live. Glen believes a home is a foundation for a better life with strong links between housing ownership and positive physical health, mental health and educational achievements.

Habitat for Humanity completes 115 homes around the world every day and have led the way in the progressive home ownership model, working in partnership with families in housing need of decent and affordable housing to make positive and lasting change.

Outside of Habitat for Humanity, Glen is the Managing Director of Harrison Grierson, a prominent engineering and design firm specialising in urban development and infrastructure. He leads the company’s strategic direction and operations, championing leadership, organisational change and diversity.

Glen has in-depth involvement in the engineering industry and urban housing. He is also a Chartered Professional Engineer and a Chartered Member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.