Craig Churchill FCILT

LGNZ Brockbank Troy


Not following a traditional public service background, Craig was chosen as the Ministry of Social Development’s ‘Top of the South’ Regional Commissioner, for his innovative approach to both economic and social development.

“Joining the Ministry from a corporate background in May 2019, I was tasked along with a great regional team with ‘pushing the boat out’, to expand the Ministry’s vision to proactively anticipate opportunities to better support our community and stakeholders”.

“My career to date has enabled me to live in various parts of New Zealand, having held a number of business development, general management and business ownership roles within the Transport & Logistics industry. I have enjoyed being able to develop innovative solutions and create opportunities for people to make a difference in both their lives and those of the community around them.”

Much of Craig’s role as Regional Commissioner for Social Development involves working closely with key office holders around the Region, including Iwi leaders, mayors and chairs, regional development agencies, NGO’s and local heads of government departments and agencies.

“I am often asked how my previous background in building new supply chain and logistics solutions relates to my role as Regional Commissioner. Our region is one of the most innovative, forward-thinking, globally connected regions in the country. A large percentage of our industries are either supporting inbound tourism or supplying goods across the globe.”

The Region covered by Craig’s role is the top of the South Island and is the Ministry’s largest geographically, stretching from Kaikoura and Marlborough in the East, to Nelson and Tasman in the North, and from Haast to Westport in the West.

Appointed by the State Services Commissioner, Craig is also the Regional Public Services Lead for the West Coast, Nelson-Tasman & Marlborough regions.